No Drip Rust Protection

Won’t Crack or Peel
Oil creeps and penetrates into tight seams and crevices giving your vehicle complete coverage penetration and protection, all year long.

4 Year Rust Protection
Semi permanent rust protection protects your vehicle all year long for 4 years, removing the need for annual protection.

Due to the extensive use of galvanized metal and plastics, your new vehicle has a greater resistance to rust damage.

However, are you aware of the fact that most new vehicles show signs of rust even before they arrive at the dealer!  

Select This FileDuring assembly, your vehicle undergoes literally thousands of spot welds.  In addition, during the metal stamping process, which shapes the vehicle, the protective metal coating is often damaged. This damage allows rust to start in the tiny crevices found in and around the many bends and seams that make up your new car. This early damage is already affecting the structural integrity of your vehicle.
Our climate exposes your vehicle to extreme temperatures.  This temperature range from high heat and humidity to a deep freeze plays havoc with these metal seams.  To make matters worse, the salt and calcium on our roads increases the signs of vehicle aging much more quickly.

When rust takes hold of your vehicle, it undermines the structural integrity and negatively affects its appearance.  

For pennies a day, decreases unnecessary costs and increases life and value of vehicle

Nothing reduces the value of your vehicle more than RUST.
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There are many added benefits to being on an
annual rust protection program.
  • Helps to prevent door locks from winter freeze-up;
  • Eliminates squeaks and rattles and ensures hinges and cables operate freely and smoothly;
  • Keeps nuts and bolts from seizing;
  • No solvents or strong odours and will not crack or peel away.

Give your vehicle the ability to fight back

Our no drip oil spray (Petrogel) rust proofing is designed to protect your vehicle by penetrating the seams and crevices.  It displaces moisture and creeps into the tightest seams and crevices.

Our formulas were designed to terminate the rusting process at any stage of decay.  That means it works well on new and used vehicles.
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